R.G. Chem s.r.l. distributes Specialty Chemicals into the Plastics Market. The R.G. Chem s.r.l. was founded by a team of people with decades of experiences in the field of polymers and related processing additives, having the ambition to be the ideal partner to satisfy the most sophisticated technical and marketing requirements.


The type of products offered by R.G. CHEM SRL are classified as:

  • Specialty Chemicals (Additives)
  • Basic polymers (PVC, PE)
  • Plasticizers (such Trimellitates, Adipates and Phthalates)

Our range of additives is particularly appreciated to enhance the aspect, the properties and workability of the items to be produced, helping to keep lower the productions costs and allowing the achieve the maximum standard quality level.

Our additives are used in various application fields such as:

  • Plastics Processing by extrusion, calendaring and molding
  • Production of compounds ( rigid and soft PVC)
  • Production of rubber compounds
  • Production of master-batches Powered by waga